I provide a number of different services including translations, proofreading and audio transcriptions, and I’m experienced in translating a wide variety of topic areas for a large amount of industry types. I also provide language consultancy services and tailored packages. Please read below for more details or contact me directly if you have any question.



All translations are carefully executed taking client terminology and style into account, and also taking into consideration that an accurate translation should be faithful to the original text and sound natural in the target language. In this section you’ll find more information about the translation services offered.


Every text is different, and so is its purpose. Do you require a correct, effective, consistent, typo-free, catchy document or message? Request the services of an expert in edition and proofreading. Each project is approached according to its needs. Find out more about the proofreading services provided in this section.

Audio transcriptions

With new technology, sometimes it’s easier to record than to write. Do you have something in audio format and need it in writing? A minute of a meeting, a speech, an interview, a radio programme… I am happy to help! That’s exactly what transcription services are for. Enter this section to read more.

Industries and topics

Is your presentation language-specific? I have wide ranging experience in a number of different industries and I am able to provide translations on several topic areas. Have a look at this section to know more about the areas I cover.

Other services

Are you looking for language consultancy for your project? Do you need a tailored service? Are you trying to manage a multilingual project but don’t know where to start? In this section you’ll find the answer.